What Is Training Data? How it’s used in Machine Learning

September 15, 2021 | Althea Kelsey | Online Courses

What Is Training Data? How it’s used in Machine Learning

What is Machine learning? – This is one of the most frequently asked questions. It is a kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by which software applications become more precise at calculating the outcomes. The good thing is that they are not explicitly programmed to perform such tasks. In ML, algorithms use previous data as input to foresee the output value.

What Is Training Data? How it’s used in Machine Learning
What Is Training Data? How it’s used in Machine Learning

Why is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is quite significant. Mainly because it provides a view of innovative trends in consumer behavior and business functioning patterns and supports the formation of new products. Most of the leading companies like Google and Uber use machine learning techniques.

What is Training Data?

In simple words, it is a dataset used for teaching a machine learning model. The concept of training data in machine learning is foundational yet straightforward. Training data is a primary dataset used to assist a program in comprehending how different technologies are applied – like neural networks help in learning and give exceptional results. Training data is also referred to as training dataset, training set, or learning set.

What is Training Data
What is Training Data

Data Needed for Machine Learning

You need to ask yourself a few questions before figuring out how much data you need for machine learning. These answers can influence your next steps.

Do You Have a lot of data?

Develop some learning curves to figure out how big a representative sample can be. Other than this, you can also use an extensive data framework to use all the available data.

Is Your Data Less?

You need to make sure whether you have sufficient data or not. If the data is too little, consider gathering more information with the help of data augmentation methods to increase your sample size artificially.

Have You Collected Data at All?

Collect some data and evaluate whether it is enough or not. Moreover, it would be best to determine whether the data being used is for a study or data collection. For this, you can seek the help of an expert, mathematician, or statistician.

So, the question comes again;

How much data do we need?

Well, it depends. You can never tell how much data is required. Since the problem is intractable, therefore, you need to figure out the answers through empirical questioning. By finding out the complexity of your uses and learning algorithms, you can estimate the required data for machine learning.

Have You Collected Data at All
Have You Collected Data at All

How is Training Data Used in Machine Learning?

In contrast to other algorithms that are overseen by pre-established parameters, give kind of a recipe. On the other hand, machine learning technology progresses through exposure to the examples provided in your data.

The features and descriptions provided in your labeled training data evaluate how accurately the machine identifies the outcome or answer what you’re asking.

For instance, you can efficiently train an algorithm to identify suspicious credit card charges by matching them with the transaction data. This can only occur if the labeled data is accurate.

Both, quantity and quality of your data conclude the performance and accuracy of machine learning. For example, you train your model with 100 transactions of training data. On the other hand, a machine model is trained with 10,000 transactions. So, from the discussion above, we can say that the model trained with 10,000 transactions will show more evident results.

How is Training Data Used in Machine Learning
How is Training Data Used in Machine Learning

In short, the diversity and volume of training data are usually better if it’s more and adequately labeled.

With the help of accurate, precise, and extensive training data, one can efficiently train a machine (Artificial Intelligence) that can easily comprehend and distinguish between the data.

How Can You Get Training Data?

You can use your data or take assistance from a data labeling service to provide you efficient data. Besides, you can also buy labeled training data for the aspects you think apply to the machine learning model you are designing.


Machine learning is used in almost every field. Its use has made a lot of tasks easy. So much can be done through machine learning, from automation, trends, patterns identification, and error detection to data acquisition and algorithm selection.

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