Resume writing tips for graphic designers

June 12, 2021 | Lu Henry | Free Courses

Resume writing tips for graphic designers

Are you a graphic designer currently looking for a job? We all know how the job process works. First, you find a place that’s hiring. Second, you send in your resume. Third, you get a call for the interview. Fourth, you nail the interview, and congratulations, you have a job. The process doesn’t always go as smoothly as I have mentioned. Some people get stuck midway.

Resume Writing
Resume Writing

Many people send in their resumes but they don’t get a call for the interview. Your resume can be covered in dust somewhere in their office. As a graphic designer, you have the advantage to flex your skills through your resume. Your resume has to be creative or else it’ll just go to the reject pile like others.

Tips to improve your resume: 

Some people believe that a resume doesn’t matter. They are in the wrong. Resume writing is an art. There are two kinds of resumes; the one you write to try your luck and the one you write to get the job. How can you improve your resume? Here are a few tips you can keep in your mind.

Choose your format:

You are a graphic designer. Whatever you do, your resume should reflect your creativity. This resume writing tip is very important. There are three types of resumes:

  1. Reverse-chronological resume
  2. Combination resume
  3. Functional resume

You must select any one of these for better chances of acceptance.

Write about your education:

Mention all about your education. Write about your school and college. Write briefly about your graphic design degree or any other graphic design courses you have taken already. Also, mention any awards, certificates, and achievements that you have got from your work. 

Give complete details of your skills:

It is better to mention all your graphic design skills. Almost all graphic designers have the same basic skills but if you have any other skills, you should mention them. Highlight all your skills. The highlighted area always catches the eye of the reader. 

You can have other skills apart from your majors like some languages or some courses. It is always a good idea to mention them in your resume. However, the mentioned skills must be correct.

Give Complete Details of Your Skills
Give Complete Details of Your Skills

Mention your experience:

Many employers prefer to hire an experienced graphic designer. If you have the experience, always mention your past work. However, if you don’t have the experience, you can attach some examples of your work or a link to your portfolio.

Write your resume summary:

At the end of the resume, you can write a summary, to sum up, yourself. Always remember to mention what you can do for the company. The key is to be confident. Mention your skills one more time and elaborate on what you can do with these skills. If you have any unique ideas for the company, you can mention them in this part.

Read it three to four times:

Always read your resume three to four times before sending it. There can be a mistake that you might have overlooked. Reach out to your friend to proofread it for you so that he might pick any mistake. Then send it to the company. Good luck. 

Resume writing courses:

If you are not satisfied and want to learn more about writing an out-class resume. You can take online resume writing courses.  We have mentioned a few of the top resume writing courses.

Udemy: Resume writing: the ultimate resume writing course

This resume writing course is a small course that will help you in standing out from others. This course is rated well and it is available for a small price. 


Coursera: Writing winning resumes and cover letters

This course by Coursera is offered by the University of Maryland. It will teach you everything on how to write a resume. Moreover, 35000+ students have already enrolled in this session.


LinkedIn: Writing a Resume

This course from LinkedIn has it all. It covers all the content of resume writing skills. In addition, it will teach you how to customize your resume according to different requirements.



A proper resume writing training can polish your skills and help you get a job. So, believe in your resume and wait for that interview call. A good resume can do wonders. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now!