How to Find a Job in Canada as a Foreigner? Here’s a Quick Guide

August 09, 2021 | Smith Adela | Online Courses

How to Find a Job in Canada as a Foreigner? Here’s a Quick Guide

Canada is a land of great opportunities. And the good thing is that it is pretty welcoming and friendly towards foreigners and immigrants. But despite being relatively open in immigration policy, finding a job in Canada might come with a few challenges.  

How to Find a Job in Canada as a Foreigner? Here’s a Quick Guide
How to Find a Job in Canada as a Foreigner? Here’s a Quick Guide

If you are thinking of applying for jobs in Canada, today’s discussion is perfect for you. There might be hundreds of questions that pop up in your mind, right? Here is a summary of the numerous pressing questions that you want to ask if you plan to move to Canada. Read on.

Do the Companies in Canada Require More Foreign Workers?

Before you’re moving to a completely foreign land, it is necessary to first inquire about a few things. Before thinking of settling, search whether Canadian companies need foreign workers or not. According to different statistics, almost a quarter of Canada’s workforce depends on immigrants. 

Not only this, the baby-boomer generation is now retiring, which means companies are currently looking for young and energetic people across the borders. Since Canadian policy-makers are aware of this, applications for jobs are being accepted from other countries. 

Canada’s Immigration Policy

Somewhere around 2017, the Canadian ministers agreed on a multi-year immigration plan instead of just one year. This welcomed approximately 191,500 immigrants in the year 2019 and almost 195,800 foreigners in 2020. Which means there is a pretty good chance of you getting in, right?

Other than this, different provinces in Canada implement their plans to allow skilled workers from other countries. Almost 300K foreigners migrate to Canada annually from the family or economy class. The economy class supports professionals to get the highest paying jobs in Canada and get permanent residency. 

The Paperwork

Finding Jobs in Canada for foreigners can be a bit of a hassle. To find one, you need to have genuine reasons to move. Be it new life, politics, family, or a better lifestyle, always make sure you have your documents prepared beforehand. 

If you are not a permanent resident yet, then apply for a temporary permit initially so that you can work legally in the country. To apply for a license, it is necessary to have a job offer from a Canadian employer. This makes the process easier. 

If you are applying as a skilled immigrant, process through the Express Entry – an organized system to manage the applications for permanent residency for skilled workers. 

Here is a piece of good news if you are thinking of pursuing jobs in Canada online or running a startup. You can receive support by applying for Canada’s startup visa. Convenient, right?

Also, if you are an international student or a temporary foreign worker, you can apply for Immigration to Canada through the Quebec Experience Class.  

Websites that can be of Help

The Internet provides extensive information on almost everything. For everyone on a hunt for a job in Canada, here are some websites you can access.

This website is a community of people who have moved to Canada from abroad and share their personal experiences. Through this website, you can learn more about the challenges faced by immigrants, how to adjust to a foreign country, and ways to get jobs quickly. Since shifting to an entirely new country comes with a lot of excitement yet uncertainty. Therefore, help from such websites can pave a path for you.

One of the most useful and informative government websites,, can help you with any question that comes to your mind regarding Immigration. Whether you are facing an employment issue, paperwork problems, or an issue with finding a job, this website can help you solve all your queries.

If you want assistance finding a job and getting information about employment, relocation, and education in Canada, then Canada Info Net is the website to search.

It is funded by the Refugees, Citizenship Canada bureau, and Immigration which helps you connect with other Canadians of the same field and profession, making the job hunt easier. Whether you are looking for project management jobs or programming or HR, this site can be of great help.

This website is funded by two individuals, Connel Valentine and John Ribero, who have a background in the recruiting industry. They help in supporting people who are looking for jobs in Canada. 

Since Connel is an immigrant, therefore, it gives an edge and an advantage. He can share valuable information that Canadian residents themselves can’t.

This is a platform that helps in breaking through the no experience, no job cycles. It helps in connecting the employers in Canada to hunt the talent from abroad. 


Getting jobs abroad can be a hassle, but the right networks, sources, information, and channels can help you get through it. Just remember, if you want to become a permanent resident in Canada, it’s important to take the Canadian Experience Class

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