Drupal vs WordPress: Which should you use?

August 25, 2021 | Carver Stephen | Online Courses

Drupal vs WordPress: Which should you use?

Drupal and WordPress are both content management systems. They almost have the same set of features. Therefore, everyone compares Drupal and WordPress. They are both for free, offer a wide range of plugins, and are open-source technologies. However, Drupal came earlier than WordPress, but WordPress has more users than Drupal.

Drupal vs WordPress: Which Should you Use

Drupal vs WordPress is a debate. We must dig deep to find the answer to this debate. We will consider both these sites from different aspects to find the best one. Many people ask, is Drupal better than WordPress? Let’s see the answer.

Which is more user-friendly?

People use WordPress due to its ease of usage. Inexperienced people can also use WordPress and build their website because it is so easy. It offers a variety of themes which you can select. There are many plugins as well. On the other hand, people often complain about the complexity of Drupal. Drupal has many advanced features to offer, but beginners cannot imagine using it. It has features like taxonomies, blocks, views, and more. 

Which is More User-Friendly

Which one is better?

Beginners must choose WordPress. Experienced people can choose either. However, WordPress offers a better user experience as compared to Drupal.

Which is more secure?

WordPress is secure, but it has one minor drawback. It largely depends on third-party extensions. Anyone who tries to perform any malicious act enters through this extension. It makes WordPress susceptible to cyber-crimes. Drupal’s most important point is its security. Many popular firms including the governments trust Drupal because of security reasons. It does not entertain any third-party extension that makes it less or invulnerable to hacking.

Which one is better?

In Drupal vs WordPress security, Drupal is the winner. You must not compromise on security if you deal with sensitive information. This will render you defenseless, and anyone can access your data.

Which offers more functions?

I mentioned briefly that experienced people should go for Drupal while beginners can use WordPress. Another reason for this is features and customization. WordPress has several free and paid themes; they are ready-made, and everyone can use them. You can customize these themes as well. Drupal also has themes; they are known as modules. They aren’t as easy to manage as WordPress’s plugins. This is why people prefer WordPress. Drupal modules are for custom development, and advanced developers can customize them as per their requirements.

Which Offers More Functions

Which one is better?

You can choose Drupal if you are qualified enough to handle the plugins. However, WordPress once again wins this round because of its flexibility.

Which can handle more content?

The WordPress we use today wasn’t always like this. It originally started as a blogging platform and not as a CMS. Therefore, it cannot handle as much content as it should. Meanwhile, Drupal can support thousands of people and thousands of pages at a time. This makes it a very efficient platform in terms of content handling.

Which one is better?

Drupal is the obvious choice if you have loads of content. WordPress can handle a great quantity of content but not as much as Drupal.

Which is more affordable?

Both the platforms are free to install and use. Although, you will have to pay at some point on both platforms. Nevertheless, if you take help with web development, Drupal developers will cost more than WordPress developers. Drupal developers are hard to find because they are lesser in number. 

WordPress is more pocket-friendly if you are setting up your website. These are lighter, and they offer more data compared to the prices. You can select Drupal if you want a more customizable approach to your work and if you can use it easily.

Which is More Affordable

Which one is better?

WordPress is more economical than Drupal. People with a low budget should select WordPress.

Which should you use?

We considered five major aspects of these CMS. WordPress was better at three out of those five. Both these are powerful platforms with their pros and cons. It also depends on your specific demands like if you want a secure and customizable platform, go for Drupal. Many government institutions use Drupal because it is powerful and flexible.

However, people looking for low budgets, user-friendliness, and ready-made plugins should opt for WordPress. You can also get started as a WordPress developer either to build your skills or to set up your website. It offers useful solutions free of cost.