Learn about liberal arts colleges and universities

August 29, 2021 | Lu Henry | Online Courses

Learn about liberal arts colleges and universities

Everyone is concerned about their future, especially if they don’t have a particular career direction. The most crucial time of all is deciding which college to go to. When selecting colleges, you’ll often hear the terms like “Research University” and “liberal art colleges.”

While these terms are beseeched as we speak about the colleges, students are often unsure what these terms mean. For a little more clarification, keep reading to understand better what research universities and liberal arts colleges are. You’ll eventually find the best fit for yourself.

What’s The Difference between Liberal Arts Colleges and Research Universities

Advantages of a Liberal Arts College:

There are several reasons to choose a liberal college for further education. In liberal colleges, teachers and professors emphasize more on teaching as compared to research. Because of the smaller class size, you can get a chance for one-on-one interaction and learn better.

Liberal colleges focus on a lot more than just getting a job. They aim to teach students about the complexities of practical life, diversity, and change. In short, they prepare students for the real world.

How is Research Universities Beneficial?

We’ve already discussed the perks of liberal colleges; let’s discuss a few advantages of research universities. The best research colleges and universities work with professionals and experts. They provide access to the latest research to ensure students are guided and taught correctly.

Besides, more prominent universities also have various fields of study, allowing the students to make changes if needed. For example, you can major in business administration and end up in another career. With extensive options, research universities are often preferred among the students applying to colleges. 

Why Choose Liberal Arts Colleges:

Here is why you need to choose liberal arts colleges;

Smaller than Research University:

Liberal Universities are smaller. Therefore, commuting becomes easier. Moreover, these colleges also focus more on undergraduate learning, which makes that experience better. Smaller universities have another advantage as well. There are fewer students, which makes it easier for teachers on the students individually.

Low Faculty-to-Student Ratio:

Because of the low faculty-to-student ratio, the professors can teach the subjects themselves rather than assistance from graduate students. This is also advantageous because professors can provide personalized attention to the students, which benefits students in the long term.

They Emphasize More on Well-Versed General Education:

They emphasize writing skills and critical thinking and strive to assist students in the interdisciplinary perspectives. However, they have fewer options for majors and don’t provide a professional degree. But, you can attend a graduate school soon after getting out of liberal arts colleges.

Research Universities – Reasons to Choose:

We’ve discussed everything about a liberal college. Let’s find a little about research universities. Have a look.

Research Universities Are Dedication to Education:

Research universities enroll several students, including undergrads, graduates, and professionals. Such universities also offer an array of subjects like management, mechanical engineering, etc. along with other special courses and programs. The choices in research universities are more comprehensive, which gives students a chance to explore their options easily.

Moreover, you’ll also see sub-divisions in research universities. The actual student strength varies; however, most of the research universities have approximately 30,000 students enrolled.

Research Universities Are Dedication to Education

Courses are provided in Large Lectures and Seminars:

In research universities, you’ll see that teachers often deliver lectures to a class of more than a hundred students at a time. There are compulsory discussion sections or labs in between lessons, where students are taught the practical implementation of the subjects being taught.

With advancement, students can also take specialized courses. Moreover, as an undergraduate student, one can also opt for extra-course work to enhance their career.

Courses are provided in Large Lectures and Seminars

Professors Can Also Conduct Research:

The research faculty has a considerable advantage in research universities. Because of the extensive options, professors can also conduct their research and easily shape innovative technologies and new ideas. The students benefit here because they can achieve their thesis and research under proficient professors and leading experts in their fields.

Professors Can Also Conduct Research


In this article, we’ve thoroughly discussed liberal arts and research colleges. Yes, applying to colleges can be a little challenging since one has no idea where to begin, but you can easily target your desired option once you get on track.

For everyone confused about which college to get in, what benefits you can get from each of them – make sure you read this article.

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