Consider these jobs if you want to shift from you social work career

August 26, 2021 | Althea Kelsey | Online Courses

Consider these jobs if you want to shift from you social work career

Social workers find themselves in hectic situations all the time. They are always dealing with some traumatizing situation or fighting the long working hours. It can be hard to manage your full-time social work career and maintain a healthy personal life at the same time. This often leads to burnouts which is not a good thing. Anyways, you can always look for another career with your social work degree. There are many other jobs social workers can do. These jobs also include better timings and better pay. You can take time for yourself and maintain a normal work and personal life. 

Consider These Jobs if you Want Shift From you Social Work Career

Here is the list of careers you can pursue,

  • Human resource manager
  • Mental health advocate
  • Teaching
  • Social researcher
  • Paralegal
  • Consultant

We will discuss these jobs one by one, their important tasks, and how you can switch to this career. Let’s take a look.

Human Resource manager

Every business hires an HR manager for their firm. These human resource managers are professionals who look after the staff and speak about their queries and problems. Other jobs of HR include interviewing the candidates, recruiting new ones, and looking after them. You can make effective use of your social work knowledge in this job. This job will enable you to communicate with the working bodies. People will consult you for different issues, and you can use your critical thinking abilities to solve their problems.

Human Resource Manager

Mental health advocate

Mental health is a huge problem accelerating in today’s time. The world needs to talk more about such issues and help the victims. You can become a mental health advocate. You can travel from place to place to raise awareness about issues like anxiety, stress, depression, and trauma. You can teach others to be kind and courteous. You can work directly as a mental health counselor either in a school, college, or even in offices. 

It is a better and stable job, and it would still count as helping people. You can use many of your social work skills and work closely with the victims. You can contribute by teaching them coping mechanisms and being a therapist. Psychology and therapy are the other types of jobs social workers can do. However, all three belong to the same field of work.

A teacher or a professor

An alternative career path for social workers is teaching through your BSW degree. You can become a teacher in a high school. It is a great way to teach kids and simultaneously prepare them for future life. If you do a Ph.D., you can apply for a lectureship or the post of professor in a university. These jobs pay well, and you will get to teach many aspiring social workers. Moreover, the timings are short.

A Teacher or a Professor

Social researcher 

You can form a team and spend your time working on experiments, conducting research. Research is crucial for every field. You can observe an idea and research it. Research committees publish successful research in their journals. Research publications can help you achieve fame and success.


You can use your social work skills to start your career in law. You can use your critical thinking, negotiations, and communication abilities to win over people and prove your point. Paralegal staff work side-by-side with lawyers. Their job includes researching different laws, writing reports, or summarizing trials of court. There are many things to know before becoming a paralegal, therefore, you should search for it first. 

Your bachelor’s in social work is sufficient to start this career. However, it is more suitable if you get an additional course or certificate in paralegal studies.


A consultant benefits others with his expertise. You can advise people in many scenarios as a former social worker. You will charge them for your advice. It is up to you to work independently and make clients like in freelancing. You can also work in association with different businesses as a full-time consultant. It pays very well, and you can choose your office hours.



As we can see, there are many alternative jobs for social workers. You can choose any job which interests you the most. You don’t need to study further. There’s always a new and better career waiting if you plan to retire from your social work career.