4 Highest Rated Online Sales Courses

May 09, 2021 | Barrow Richard | Courses For Business

4 Highest Rated Online Sales Courses

If you are looking for the best online sales training courses so you can learn the tactics of sale, close deals, and fulfill KPI targets then you are in the right place. As we all know automation and sales tools are experiencing continuous variations, being a sales rep is not enough to meet the daily sales target. Business professionals get bombarded by hundreds of messages every day through social media platforms, phone calls, and emails. Sometimes you don’t even get a sleek chance to show your personal skills. This is the reason it is important to learn about modern sales tools and automation software. For effective sales, you need to reach out to maximum people that are eligible and qualify to develop a relationship.

Online Sales Courses
Online Sales Courses

In this small but informational guide, we have covered some of the top sales management courses online that will make you a pro in selling. No matter what is your working level, these are also the best sales courses for beginners.

  1. Skillshare: Modern Sales Training

Start learning with this great introductory sales management course and continue your career in sales. This is one of the best online sales training courses that help you to learn how to subtract the guesswork from the sales frame. Derek the instructor of this sales training course is also a sales training director. Don’t worry; you have gotten your hands on the best because Derek has also trained candidates at 500 companies of Fortune.

With invaluable tricks and tips, this sales management course comes up with 12 lessons. In this course, participants will learn prospecting on foot, prospecting over the phone, making appointments, giving proposals, creating a sale list, negotiations, handling objections, making winning and closing predictable.

  • Get trained by a high-experienced instructor
  • Complete pack of 12 lessons, not more than an hour
  • One of the best sales courses for beginners _ no experience is required for this sales training course
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  1. LinkedIn Learning: Sales Discovery Training

Sales Discovery training course from LinkedIn Learning is the second-best option. In this online course, you will get a complete overview of sales discovery and get further training on it. This course covers all aspects of sales discovery and how it plays an important role in sales management. Learn about how to start things right on the potential foot and how to get positive leads from customers.

This Sales discovery course comes up with all on-demand videos about sales management such as terminology, creating engaging situations, learning about increasing leads, learning the approval process, decision making, recapping goals, priorities, re-call preparation, and process solution mapping.

  • Main focus: Sales Discovery
  • Get a completion certificate at the end
  • Comes up with mobile view setup
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  1. Udemy: Practical Sales Training Techniques (Sales Training)

Let’s talk about the next pick in this list, if you are looking forward to learning about actionable sale techniques then this is one of the best online sales training courses. Chris Croft is not only the instructor of this course but also a well-known leading sales manager in several multi-millionaire companies.

This course covers all important lessons about sales techniques such as start with body language, first impression, learn about building an emotional connection, become a great listener and dig into the questioning funnel of sales.

Moreover, this course also comes up with bonus chapters about how to close sales successfully and how to tackle typical questions such as “why is it so expensive?”

  • Highly-rated course on Udemy
  • Extensive content on sales technique with bonus chapters
  • Comes up with several quizzes and exercises
Practical Sales Training Techniques
Practical Sales Training Techniques
  1. Coursera: Building Your Sales Career – Sales Training

This is another comprehensive sales management course. This 8-hour course on Coursera is divided into two modules

  1. Building sales career
  2. Start selling with a consultative mind

The first modulus covers all aspects about why you choose sales as your career and how to handle it after getting sales management jobs. The second modulus of this course focuses on all engaging info about inbound sales. In this modulus, you will also learn about the good-fit proposal, end exploratory calls, creating personalized presentations, and how to manipulate buyers to change the decision.

  • It’s a four-course series
  • Highly rated and comes up with sales management course certificate
  • Suitable for all skill levels
Coursera Building Your Sales Career Sales Training
Coursera Building Your Sales Career Sales Training

Whether you want to become a sales manager or you are a sales rep looking to learn new skills, the above-mentioned courses can help you greatly.