Top 3 Must-Have Sporty’s Online Courses for Student Pilots

December 11, 2021 | Louis Garrick | Online Courses

Top 3 Must-Have Sporty’s Online Courses for Student Pilots

Begun in the early 1960s, Sporty’s has been at the forefront of aviation education. With the unique program as well as ultra-handy knowledge, it has produced a gigantic number of professional pilots.

Top 3 Must-Have Sporty’s Online Courses for Student Pilots
Top 3 Must-Have Sporty’s Online Courses for Student Pilots

Sportys offers courses in 5 formats at the same price. Yet Sporty’s online courses make itself a favorite among student pilots who want to hone their skill, especially during the current pandemic phase. In this article, I want to highlight the top 3 Sporty’s online courses that are most preferred by pilots.

Learn to Fly Course

This is deemed as the cream of Sporty’s online courses. With this course, you are able to hit your FAA written test out of the park, save a huge amount of money during flight training, and become a  top-notch pilot.

With more than 15 hours of HD video and animations, you will get all the necessary knowledge to achieve your Private Pilot certificate as well as get confidence in the left seat. Besides, with test prep tools, a comprehensive document library, and convenient app options, the course is perfect for any aviator learner.

The course content covers 6 volumes:

Volume 1 – Your First Few Hours

Volume 2 – Practicing Landings

Volume 3 – Your First Solo

Volume 4 – Recreational and Sport

Volume 5 – Your Dual Cross Countries

Volume 6 – Your Solo Cross Countries

Volume 7 – Private Pilot Test

Currently, the course is on sale for $50.00 off. Snag yours before this Sporty’s Online Courses sale is gone.

Flight Review Course

This course is now better than ever with the update of the latest content focused on flight proficiency and stick and rudder skills. The addition of flight maneuvers training, covering step-by-step instructions, allows pilots to prepare for the flight portion of their next flight review and also makes a spot-on review for anyone who hasn’t flown recently.

Flight Review Course
Flight Review Course

A slew of new video segments has been added, including useful tips on the Graphical Forecast for Aviation usage, a review of the latest requirements for ADS-B transponders, an informative look at crosswind landings, tips on how to recover from less than perfect landings, and handy advice for better slow flight and stalls.

Existing components such as flying with iPads in the cockpit, flying under BasicMed, ADS-B weather, and runway safety are combined with the following features. The course consists of more than two and a half hours of video and animations, features an interactive review quiz and a document library.

Some pilots may be able to extend their flight review expiry by up to three months under new FAA regulations, in part by completing three FAA safety courses. The FAA accepts several of Sporty’s courses for WINGS credit, including Flight Review, according to business executives.

Just spend only $49.99 to own this incredible course with the advanced updates for better learning. Head over to Sporty and snag yours now.

Sporty’s Deluxe Learn To Fly Course Kit

Deluxe Course Kit boasts everything a student pilot could need, including video training, essential pilot supplies, and more. It’s ideally suited for rusty pilots brushing up on aviation, or for ambitious aviators who wish to nail it at a quick start.

Here are what you get with this package deal:

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course (online, iOS app, Android app, Apple TV app, Roku channel)

Sporty’s Electronic E6B Flight Computer

Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement Private Pilot

FAA Airplane Flying Handbook

Online Private Pilot Maneuvers Guide

Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Pilot’s Log Book


Fuel Tester

Original Flight Gear Bag

Sectional Plotter

IFR Training Glasses

Currently retailed at $399.00, it’s such a reasonable price for an ultimate package for pilot students.

These 3 foregoing Sporty’s online courses pretty much have a strong following by pilots. Give them a spin to put your aviation skills over the top.