Mobile Advertising: Get Insights to Target the Right Audience

October 12, 2021 | Smith Adela | Online Courses

Mobile Advertising: Get Insights to Target the Right Audience

We people spend a significant time scrolling through our cell phones. We revert to our phones every five minutes to check messages or see notifications. We prefer to scroll through social media in our free time. 

As a marketer, you must use this habit of mankind to your advantage. When a person spends so much time on their phone, it is an opportunity. Why not place your products right there? Why not advertise through your phone? 

What is mobile advertising?

What is mobile advertising? It is the key to your marketing strategy. Mobile advertising is any form of an advertising campaign that targets your mobile phone. It could be through text messages, mobile applications, or social media. The devices can be your smartphone, tablets, or smart watches. 

Mobile advertising is an easy way to target a large audience. It offers a broad customer base, and you can target people location-wise. 

Your target audience is the chief determinant of your mobile advertising outcomes. A strategy without considering your audience is like a blind man walking without a stick. The fall is inevitable. 

What is Mobile Advertising
What is Mobile Advertising

Target the right audience with your mobile advertisements

This blog will provide you insights regarding the search for the correct audience. If your business is a beauty brand, your audience should be women. It makes sense because women are more interested in makeup and beauty products. Similarly, every business has a different meaning when I refer to the right audience. 

There are a few questions that you must ask yourself before you head out to find your audience. You need to analyze,

  • Your products
  • How do your products help your customers?
  • Age and gender of your audience
  • Their budget
  • Interests of your audience.

You must be sure of such questions. According to the example I gave about the beauty brand. Everything else will become crystal clear. 

Target the Right Audience with your Mobile Advertisements
Target the Right Audience with your Mobile Advertisements

Analyze your current audience

Your current audience can help you to find your target audience. Once you are sure about your product, it will help you in defining your audience. You should observe who buys your products the most. Is it women, men, or children? What is their age group? What are their likes and interests? These will provide you with ideas to broaden your audience even more. 

Choose correct platform

Every social media platform entertains a different audience. Facebook and Instagram ads offer a variety of people. Twitter hosts comparatively fewer people. LinkedIn has the most number of business-oriented and educated persons. Therefore, the platform you choose does impact your audience. 

Choose Correct Platform
Choose Correct Platform

Use analytic tools

Analysis tools are excellent to know where you are headed. You can learn to use the free SEMrush social media tool for every platform. It is a smart tool that can monitor every aspect of a successful mobile advertising campaign. It has many features. It will help you to schedule ads, post videos, add links, etc. However, the most useful feature is the insights. 

You get complete details about how well your last ad was. It will give details through charts and graphs. You will know your audience’s age, location, and timings through this tool. 

The timings will help you to post your ad, so it receives better engagement. 

Apart from these benefits, this data can help you make decisions regarding your business and audience.

Use Analytic Tools
Use Analytic Tools

Research your competition

Understanding your competition is always the pro move so, you can stay two steps ahead of them. This SEMrush social media toolkit will allow you to keep an eye on your competitors. You will get an idea of how well they are doing and what their strategy is. It will help you pick the audience as well. Since they’re your competition, you both have the same audience.

Always test your Ad

You must always test your ad and check the final preview. At this moment, you will have a clear idea about your audience. All that is left is to post your mobile advertisement.


You can also consult a mobile advertising agency for your ad concerns. These agencies guide companies in every step of mobile advertising. I hope this guide helped you in finding your audience.