Mistakes when developing a content strategy

July 05, 2021 | Louis Garrick | Online Courses

Mistakes when developing a content strategy

To be found on the search engine, you must use SEO strategy to master the search engines. Hundreds of ranking signals play a role in determining search results. Link structure, keywords, and visit time are just a few examples.

You will be rewarded if you follow best practices and publish high-quality material. If you don’t, be prepared to face Google’s punishment. Here are tips that we have summarized for you to have the best performance.

Abusing Keywords 

Abusing Keywords
Abusing Keywords 

Keywords are how you tell the search engines what your page is about. Before, marketers had spam the keyword in their content to signal Google that they were relevant to that term. 

But now, Google has changed the way it works by three words: Visit Duration. Ranking now will be considered depending on the time someone is on your website, the longer they stay, the more Google feels it is relevant.

Competing for Crowded Keywords

Using the most relevant keyword seems not to be an effective strategy, especially, there are thousands of websites using the same words.

Try to think about using synonyms or even some unique words that relate to your message. Focus on these, and see if your rank will be higher with less effort. Your writers will be able to develop material that sounds natural to the reader as a result of this.

Boring Content

Boring Content
Boring Content

Creating unique content is always a part of a good SEO strategy. It’s just as vital to make sure your content is useful and well-written as it is to have an SEO plan for it. If your content is common, you will have to compete with many other websites and reduce the chance of being found by the customer.

Unique means more than just “quality”. If you deliver something that the reader has never seen before, they tend to stay longer.

Low-Quality Links

External links are important but many webmasters have skipped and only focus on incoming links. You must ensure that all of your external connections point to high-quality content. If you link solely for the sake of linking, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot with your SEO approach.

Bad and broken links always make the customer feel furious and it can lower your rank in Google’s rankboard. So choosing the appropriate links is very considerable if you want to increase your position in web ranking.

Never Updating website 

Everyone always wants to update the latest information. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your content. Stay active on your website and update your channels regularly. It’s virtually impossible to see any rankings increase from an inactive domain. 

Boring is what they say if you do not update the information, and no one likes seeing something that they have already seen 10 years ago.

Ignoring Google’s On-site Optimization Guidelines

Google’s recommended practices are updated regularly, so make sure you’re up to date. Even though the majority of the changes are minor, you must stay current.

If Google does something tiny, such as discounting URLs with specific keywords, you should be aware of it when developing content.

Web Loads Slowly

Web Loads Slowly
Web Loads Slowly

Imagine that the reader has chosen your website since your website takes too much time to load, they will leave. Make sure it’s quick and responsive, especially in the mobile world. 

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