Difference between Tourism and Hospitality Management

April 04, 2021 | Louis Garrick | Courses For Business

Difference between Tourism and Hospitality Management

Hospitality management, tourism management, and hotel management are a few terms that are generally used in the same manner. The basic concept seems to be almost the same for all of these disciplines but professionals need to know the differences. Hospitality management and tourism management are both trending skills in areas where millions of tourists visit. Countries like Dubai, Thailand, Maldives, and other popular travel destinations have bright futures for hospitality and tourism professionals. If you are planning on traveling to these countries, having hospitality management online course certification can be a great edge. There are thousands of jobs in local hotels and international franchises.

Hospitality Management Online Course
Hospitality Management Online Course

Planning a secure future in any of these two industries requires you to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts. In the professional field, there are major differences between these two fields. Here is everything you need to know about hospitality management and tourism management.

What is Tourism Management?

Tourism management has to do with the management of people and tourists traveling to destinations within a country or to any other country. The nature of the visit can be professional or personal so these tourists need services for a comfortable stay in a hotel. Tourism management professionals are responsible for managing services and essential for these people. Tourism management courses teach skills that help the professionals to understand the needs and requirements of these guests. Here are few places where tourism management professionals can apply for job:

  • Cruise lines
  • Hotels
  • Tour guide agencies
  • Amusement parks
  • Travel agencies

The skills taught in tourism management courses have a lot to do with traveling and accommodation. Professionals in this field of work ensure a comfortable traveling experience for the clients. Apart from working as a tour guide or travel agent, a tourism management degree can help to open a new travel agency too.

Tourism Management Course
Tourism Management Course

What is Hospitality Management?

While staying in a hotel or any other place during the visit, hospitality management deals with the relationship between the host and the guest. The concept of hospitality is pretty common in general life too. How your friend treats you when you visit him is also related to hospitality. Dealing with customers seems easy but it requires a professional degree to meet the expectations. Hosts need to build a stronger relationship with their guests and hospitality management courses help to achieve this goal.

All famous hotels and travel agencies hire hospitality management certified professionals to work on the relationship between guests and the hosts. Lack of these services can result in more guests leaving your business or hotel. Here are some major options for graduates with hospitality management degree:

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Hotels and motels
  • Clubs
  • Event planning companies
  • Resorts and recreational spots

Hospitality courses prepare the students to work in the fields where customer services matter the most. From food sanitation and hotel management to human resources, everything is covered in popular hospitality management courses. An associate degree in hospitality management can help you to secure a highly paid job in any famous hotel branch or travel agency.

Hotels Management
Hotels Management

Future in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Every country has a different scope of jobs for both industries. Famous travel destinations offer unlimited jobs for skilled professionals so having a degree in any of these industries is not a bad decision. The problem lies in understanding the difference between hospitality and tourism management. The same thing goes with other industries like healthcare services. You probably would love to know what classes are included in the health sciences.

In the upcoming years, tourism is going to boom as the pandemic situation ends. Students and professionals who want to grow their portfolios must consider these certifications. Currently, tourism is the industry that took the most serious hit due to COVID. The pandemic situation has urged professionals to transform the industry and offer better services. Companies and agencies are going to hire fresh graduates and certified experts to manage things in the upcoming days.

The travel industry has been around for a long time and it is going to stay here for the upcoming decades too. If you are interested in learning hospitality and tourism management skills, don’t let anyone talk you out of it. The industry is not dead but it holds great potential for people with skills.