Anthropology majors can take these career paths: Six best options

September 09, 2021 | Carver Stephen | Online Courses

Anthropology majors can take these career paths: Six best options

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is a thorough study of human life.

Human study includes studying of: –

   ● Genetic changes of human genes

   ● Socialization with other humans

   ● Interaction with animals, plants and other organisms

   ● Lifestyle

   ● Diet

   ● Body composition

   ● Archeological study

Anthropology is a diverse, broad and vast field. If you’re thinking of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and you don’t know what to do next with it, we’ll provide the solution for your problem. 

What is Anthropology

Anthropology career options 

The best Anthropology career paths are mentioned below: – 

College professor

 A college professor is the one who takes graduate and undergraduate student’s classes and delivers information regarding the field. A college professor’s perform following duties: –

       ● Researching 

       ● Teaching, guiding and instructing students 

       ● Publishing research paper work 

Teaching is not everyone’s cup of tea. Speaking continuously for 2-3 hours in a productive manner is so exhausting. Those who enjoy delivering can go so far.

 A college professor earns almost $101,000 per annum. 

College Professor

Public relation manager 

He is responsible for building a strong connection with the public through media for their company. They target the audience with their excellent communication skills. Their job includes: – 

    ● Planning strategies for company’s progress

    ● Delivering to target the audience and their increase

    ● Enhancing progress with respect to public’s likes and dislikes 

    ● Concluding the results and going for even more better

 Establishing a powerful connection with the public takes time. It needs a little experience to read their minds but, once you’re done with it life would be pretty easy and progressive. 

A Public relation manager earns almost $115,000 per annum.

Training and development manager 

They try their level best to train the employees and workers of a company in a way which guarantees the progress of their company to an extreme level. They work for: –

   ● Analyzing the needs to start training course 

   ● Choosing the best training course for the team 

   ● Execution of training among employees and supervisors 

   ● Calculating and summarizing training’s cons and pros on company 

Training the employees is important because they run the institution. Any positive change in employees will have a positive effect on the company’s progress and development.

 Average salary of a Training and development manager is approximately $110,000 per year. 

Training and Development Manager

Marketing manager 

A marketing manager concludes what exactly their audience expects from the product. He analyzes what plans, schemes and goals would increase the product sale or promote the company. A marketing manager has following job: – 

   ● Increase company’s profit and gain

   ● Suggest plan to bring the value in product 

   ● Target audience mind 

   ● Work as a productive manager for company 

The job is considered as one of the most stressful. If you think you’re able to handle the job requirements, go for it. The best thing about a Marketing manager is that they have to travel so much.

The average salary of a marketing manager is approximately $136,850.

Marketing Manager

Museum curator 

Museum curator is in charge of every object, which is to be exhibited during the exhibition. His job is to:

   ● Ensure the safety of museum’s masterpieces

   ● Exhibit the organized event in a beautiful and informational method 

   ● Explain and communicate to visitors with excellent and communicating skills 

Museum curators’ jobs are pretty interesting. They have an opportunity to go through all those strange historical objects, and artistic masterpieces for what most of the public crave to see one glance at them. 

The average salary of a Museum curator is $58,873 per year. 

Diversity officer 

Diversity officers raise awareness of equality and justice among people of all races, colors, shapes and origin. Their work include: –

   ● Educating people to eradicate discrimination 

   ● Ensure the preservation of equal rights of all citizens 

   ● Raise their voice for oppression among minorities 

The average salary of a Diversity officer is $75,000 per annum. 

Other careers in Anthropology include: – 

   ● Attorney 

   ● Business analyst 

   ● Lawyer 

   ● Foreign affairs officer 

   ● Organization development specialist

Public relation manager, Lawyer, marketing manager and Trai