Tips to improve mobile app conversion rate

July 06, 2021 | Althea Kelsey | Online Courses

Tips to improve mobile app conversion rate

There are thousands of apps for both Android and IOS. Everyday people install different apps for different uses. However, there are a few apps people love more than others. These apps gain more traffic than the rest. Why is it so? This blog is the answer to this question.

 App Conversion Rate
 App Conversion Rate

What is the mobile app conversion rate?

The mobile app conversion rate consists of two things,

  1. Number of people who install your app
  2. Number of people who buy things through your app

If you divide the first one by the second and multiply it by 100, you will get your mobile app conversion rate. An average mobile app conversion rate is 1-2%. That means, for every 100 people who download your app, only 1 or 2 people make the in-app purchase. 

How to increase your mobile app conversion rate?

Your mobile conversion rate directly depends on the two factors I mentioned. Therefore, you can increase your app conversion rate by getting more people to install and buy from your application. Here’s how you can do it,

Write a captivating app description:

You must do every possible thing so people will install and use your app. The first thing people see is the app description. You should make it as catchy as possible. Your app description should include why people need this app. If you mention all these things, this will compel your audience to install your app. Plus, you can add details about your app so the readers will know what they are getting into.

Make your installation process easier:

If you want the people to install your app, you must make it easy. If the installation takes unnecessary time, people usually cancel it. Your app development team must also develop the app lighter. Such apps consume less data and they are easy to install. In addition, your app must not ask for inessential permissions like location and GPS. People don’t trust such apps and avoid them instead.

Similarly, you should make your payment methods simpler. The less time-consuming it is, the better. If you sell t-shirts, your users should be able to order them instantly. Or else, they might change their minds.

Make Your Installation Process Easier
Make Your Installation Process Easier

Test your features:

You must test your features from a user’s perspective. Through this, you can assess the pros and cons yourself. These will allow you to improve your app and a better user experience. You can test the time to download the app and the working of each feature. 

You should test your app using the same operating system you developed the app. Plus, you can also use the device simulator to test your features. 

Test Your Features
Test Your Features

Offer product recommendations and discounts:

For an e-commerce app, offering product recommendations often reminds the customer of things they need to buy. They directly increase your ecommerce conversion rate. You can also attract your customers by recommending products they frequently search about. If you accept cookies, you can easily decide the products your customers want.

Add graphics and illustrations:

People will engage more if your content is visually appealing. The product images must be visible. The images must zoom to the maximum. This plays a crucial role in conversion rate optimization

A mobile screen is smaller than a laptop screen. Therefore, many apps use sliders to show a single product at a time. You can either use a 360-degree image or two separate front and back images. Transparency in product images gains customer’s trust.

Add Graphics and Illustrations
Add Graphics and Illustrations

Use content to promote your application:

You can promote your mobile application through many platforms. You can make use of social media and your website for promotion. You must encourage people to install the application through rewards and free trials. These directly affect your CRO. Your content can also do the trick if posted cleverly.

Ask your audience for ratings and reviews:

Many people download apps with the best ratings and reviews. They certainly have an impact on your customers. Even I look for the reviews before deciding if this app is worth my time. You must encourage your customers to rate your app and share their valuable experiences.


If you keep these points in your mind, it will definitely increase your mobile app conversion rate. More people mean more revenue. You can effortlessly generate leads and convert them into sales by these simple tasks.