Restaurant Managers: Job description, education requirements, and salary

May 04, 2021 | Smith Adela | Courses For Business

Restaurant Managers: Job description, education requirements, and salary

If you like to run a place and it’s time for you to make a career choice, you should consider becoming a restaurant manager. Restaurant managers perform multiple duties at the same time like leading the staff, recruiting crew members, training, and supervising the staff. Restaurant managers are responsible for handling all the matters related to the place. A small-scaled restaurant can be handled by a single manager but on a larger scale as in the case of five-star hotels or resorts, a restaurant can have more than one. 

Restaurant Managers
Restaurant Managers

Simply, a restaurant manager’s job description is to run the restaurant smoothly and provide their customers with top-quality services and the best environment. They have to ensure that all the required facilities are present on the premises for customers to enjoy themselves while they are at a restaurant. As a restaurant manager, you will have a team to lead to which you have to demonstrate the duties and daily tasks so that you can achieve satisfaction and ultimately; the much-needed success and growth. 

Restaurant manager job description

Restaurant managers are responsible for overseeing the different matters of a restaurant for proficient and smooth running. Restaurant managers need to work with passion and dedication to make their restaurants rank high among the other local places.

Restaurant Manager Job Description
Restaurant Manager Job Description

Job responsibilities of restaurant managers can vary depending on the demand and working of that restaurant. Different kinds of restaurants such as regional, national, and international restaurant chains have different rules and policies. Themed restaurants that host particular parties and events have different demands for restaurant managers. The same is true for the duties of restaurant managers in the case of cafés, bars, and brasseries. 

So, for making the restaurant profitable, a restaurant manager should fulfill the following duties.

Management & leadership

A restaurant manager has a team of waiters, chefs, cooks, and their helpers, room service staff, and others that he has to lead daily. For better management of the restaurant, it is imperative for the manager to have leadership skills and management qualities. A keen eye that does not miss anything important will produce positive results.

Training and counseling of staff

Restaurant managers have to train the new staff and conduct performance appraisals to make them work even harder. Setting daily targets and making different staff members understand those goals is one of the most important qualities to run a restaurant successfully. 

Training And Counseling Of Staff
Training And Counseling Of Staff

Fostering positive customer relations

Greeting and advising customers, delivering proper services to satisfy customer expectations, dealing with customer’s inquiries and complaints, and taking feedback from them to carry out the necessary changes in restaurant management requires a grip over your communication skills as strong assessment and decision-making qualities.

Ensuring compliance with regulations

Monitoring facilities and planning menus, keeping abreast of demands and ordering supplies, and monitoring product quality and handling vendors to ensure licensing, health, and safety regulations. Establishing and maintaining different policies and protocols also come in this category of duties.

In the end, preparing weekly, monthly and annual financial reports, proactively fostering the restaurant’s image, expanding the reach of the restaurant, and ultimately meeting the promotion goals are the restaurant managers’ most important duties. 

Qualification requirements

Since it is known that the restaurant managers handle and oversee all the important tasks and notice even the minor details, being well-qualified and having good interpersonal skills is paramount. Mostly the employers demand an MBA degree while on a smaller scale, the demands may vary. Having a degree is not the only thing that matters. Having the necessary skills, field training, and experience is also required. 

Crucial restaurant manager’s skills

Here are some restaurant manager’s skills that you need to have in order to land the job.

  • Flexibility
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Teamwork
  • Excellent customer service
  • Commercial awareness

How much do restaurant managers make?

On average, a restaurant manager’s salary can vary starting from $49,651 per year up to $65,000. Salaries depend on the level of experience, education, and type of restaurant and location.

How Much Do Restaurant Managers Make?
How Much Do Restaurant Managers Make?