How to measure customer satisfaction with feedback surveys?

June 29, 2021 | Louis Garrick | Online Courses

How to measure customer satisfaction with feedback surveys?

Customer satisfaction means the response of the customers after using your brand’s/industry’s services. How much they liked and how much they would prefer to use your services. Customer satisfaction means that you are providing exactly the service you promised. If the user is not satisfied or does not refer to your services, then there are conflicts between your services. For this purpose, various surveys are used to measure customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Here is a brief discussion about customer satisfaction. Why is it necessary, how to measure customer satisfaction? Surveys in measuring customer satisfaction and different examples of surveys.

Why is it important to measure customer satisfaction?

Selling and connecting with the customers is not enough. The best user experience plays a vital role in growing your industry or brand continuously. The most crucial factor is how a customer feels about your product and services. You might think that you are providing the best services, but on the contrary, the customer might be unsatisfied. Under such circumstances, you will not be able to continue your business, and one day it will end. But acquiring a new business is highly expensive and time-consuming than building upon existing ones. Studies have shown that 80% of people can switch the industry after experiencing one unsatisfied or poor service. So, customer satisfaction is an essential factor to keep progressing.

How to measure customer satisfaction?

Now, when customer satisfaction is vital for you and your country, the question arises, how can you measure customer satisfaction? Every organization has unique strategies to please and satisfy their customers. Most of the time, business complexities make it difficult to measure customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is not easy to beat down the customer satisfaction metric. Fortunately, there are different ways to measure different aspects of customer satisfaction. In this regard, different survey metrics are available. 

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction
How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Survey to measure customer satisfaction:

There are various survey metrics to achieve your goal and ease your procedure. These survey metrics let you know your customer’s view regardless of any frame of strategy or complication you have. Whether by email, rating, customer feedback, or any other way. First of all, focus on your most critical point to consider your customer satisfaction, define your goal, choose your survey layout’s questions and a suitable survey metric. After doing so, analyze data collected from customer’s feedbacks and reconstruct the defective points. 

There are different KPIs available to measure the satisfaction of customers. Following are some important KPIs to consider:

How to measure customers satisfaction KPIs:

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Survey:

Customer satisfaction score or CSAT is a versatile time-tested metric to measure customer satisfaction. It measures how satisfied your customer is with your services. It is a question-answer-based survey. It is the most commonly used measuring metric. It provides precise customer feedback by asking how satisfied he/she is. This rating happens on a five-point scale provided to the customer:

  1. Very unsatisfied 
  2. Unsatisfied 
  3. Neutral 
  4. Satisfied
  5. Very satisfied

“c and d” number usually lies in the satisfying meaning, and by using the formula, you calculate the percentage of satisfied customers.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Survey
Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Survey

Net Promoter Score (NPS):

Net Promoter Score or NPS indicates customer loyalty. NPS also covers the lack of loyalty predictive power of CSAT. NPS asks straightforward and easily answerable questions. NPS tests the customers how strongly they feel about your company and service. It is easy to use because it provides the identification of promoters and detractors. Based on the results, you can choose whether to make improvements or monetization of the brand.

Usually, NPS provides two types of scales and asks the customer to rate the service. 

Scale is either marked “0 to 10” or “0 to 100”. 

In the case of the “0 to 10” scale, NPS provides the result by subtracting the percentage of detractors (0 to 6) with the percentage of promoters (8 to 10). 

Many feedback collecting metrics having different templates are available based on the type of survey. These metrics are designed to get feedback based on the type of brand and services like:-

  • Collect, act, repeat.
  • Design effective surveys.
  • Collect and review the data.
  • Select CX measurement software.
  • Customer Effort Score (CES).
Net Promoter Score
Net Promoter Score