Digital Marketing: 3 Free Online Courses for Absolute Beginners

June 02, 2021 | Smith Adela | Free Courses

Digital Marketing: 3 Free Online Courses for Absolute Beginners

Digital marketing is a broad field including various different forms. Are you a newcomer not sure where to begin? These top 3 free digital marketing courses with certificates will give you all the tools you need to start your career.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Fundamentals of digital marketing – Google Digital Garage

Google is offering a wide selection of certified and systematic online courses on digital marketing, all for free. If you are an absolute beginner making a fresh start, then their Fundamentals of digital marketing course should be your first choice.

This Google digital marketing course is accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University.  It gives a whole picture of digital marketing within 40 hours which are broken down into 26 modules, all created by Google trainers. 

Learners will have full access to video tutorials, practical exercises and real-world examples. After the course, you’ll acquire the key ideas of digital marketing, improve basic skills and even be able to manage your own marketing strategy.

Skill you’ll learn: Analytics and data insights, Business strategy, Content marketing, Display advertising, E-commerce, Email marketing, Local marketing, Mobile, SEM, SEO, Social media, Video, Web optimisation

Content Marketing Course: Get Certified in Content Marketing

This certificated content marketing course by HubSpot Academy will give you an overview of how to become an effective content marketer – an essential part in digital marketing. This course is suitable for those who want to dig deep into content marketing, or become a content creator.

Content Marketing Course
Content Marketing Course

With 12 lessons, 56 tutorial videos in over 6 hours only, you’ll gain the in-depth knowledge and practical skills needed about Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization to start your content career. Producing effective content that both humans and search engines love will be a piece of cake.

Participants of this course also get unlimited access to HubSpot complete library of education and free software tools. Start learning now and you’ll stand out with their globally-recognized certifications across 5 languages. 

Free Diploma In E-Business By Alison

This Free Diploma in E-Business course online will show you how to build an online marketing plan, promote your business online, and grow online sales.

After 15 modules only, beginners will have the knowledge and skills needed to use Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google AdSense and Google WebMaster. You’ll have the key digital measurements to track your campaigns and analysis techniques to analyze revenue metrics.

This course is free to access, however, to get a certificate from Alison, you have to pay a small fee. Alison offers both digital diploma in PDF format and physical version – posted to you free shipping.

There are huge opportunities hiding behind the internet while you own the necessary skills of a digital marketer. Start from scratch now with these free courses and you’ll have the confidence to start your career in digital marketing.