Career benefits of learning a foreign language

May 02, 2021 | Carver Stephen | Courses For Business

Career benefits of learning a foreign language

As people, businesses, brands, and different organizations grow globally interactive, there is a need for people who have bilingual or even multilingual skills. Language is a huge industry and every country spends a huge amount of resources and money to compensate and eliminate the communication gap while visiting or talking to other nations.

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Career Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is not only beneficial on a larger scale, but it can also help small or medium-sized organizations, or even people can benefit from it personally. In the pretty modern and resourceful world of today, learning a foreign language is ever easier. You can find different foreign language courses online or you can hire a tutor to teach you.

In the following context, we are going to discuss why learning a foreign language is important for jobholders.

Better job opportunities

Many businesses, companies, or brands all over the world target different people to sell their products. From marketing to tourism, different professions and fields deal with people from different cultures speaking different languages.

If we talk about a business, having an employee who also has a grip over a foreign language is much easier and money-saving than hiring a translator or interpreter. While applying for a job or during an interview, knowing more than one language will give you an advantage over the other applicants who can only talk and understand a single language. Hence, you are more likely to get a job.

Becoming a translator or an interpreter is another job that people who know foreign languages can pursue.

More impressive résumé

Along with all the other information such as your education and experience in the relevant field, if you dedicate an extra sentence or a section to your bilingual or multilingual skills, it will differentiate your résumé from the rest of them.

Your résumé will stand out from the rest of the candidates who are applying for the same job you are applying for. It will give you an edge over others and will help you land any job of your dreams.

So, before jumping into the field, taking some foreign language classes during college or school will prove to be a lot more beneficial for you.

More Impressive Résumé
More Impressive Résumé

Higher salaries than others

Having the ability to speak a foreign language will put you in a place to demand higher salaries than other employers. This is one of the most important reasons for learning a foreign language as it lets you enjoy better benefits.

According to the statistics, individuals with the ability to speak a second language have their salaries 10-15% higher than others. As it happens, military men and others working in different government sectors receive an extra $1000 in their monthly salaries.

Better growth and promotion opportunities

Companies and organizations all over the world have taken their businesses to a global scale. To deal with global matters, they need managers who can travel to different countries and seal the deals. While meeting the necessary educational and experience criteria is imperative, having a grip over a foreign language will take your chances even higher to get promoted to a manager’s position.

To get promoted, you have to put in a lot of effort to have a command over your job as well as your language skills. An efficient executive with the ability to speak a second language is more likely to get promoted than an executive who is only efficient. This means higher annual wages, increased job security, and better benefits and perks. 

Trust, relationship building, and much more

Being able to speak a second language helps you gain the trust of your clients and build a better relationship with them. For instance, if you have foreign language-speaking clients, not only will they prefer you over everyone else, they will bring more of their friends to become your clients if you communicate with them in their native language.

In addition to that, you become a perfect candidate for seeking job opportunities in foreign countries if that’s where your passion lies. By using your ability to speak a foreign language for career growth, you will get better job offers, salaries, and other benefits. Moreover, learning a foreign language will improve your cognitive abilities and will boost your interpretational and decision-making skills.

Learning A Foreign Language
Learning A Foreign Language