A step-by-step guide to post a job on Facebook

August 18, 2021 | Althea Kelsey | Online Courses

A step-by-step guide to post a job on Facebook

Millions of people use Facebook every day. At first, it was just a social media application, but now it has transformed into a completely different world. People run businesses on Facebook, people help each other, make friends; it is a community. Using Facebook ads is a great idea to recruit new employees. When you post a job in a newspaper, it is not necessary that your words will reach the relevant audience. Unlike this, we have groups on Facebook. You can post a job in a content writing group, and you will have so many candidates in no time.

A step-by-Step Guide to Post a Job on Facebook
A step-by-Step Guide to Post a Job on Facebook

Similarly, the candidates are also searching for jobs using Facebook. They also follow pages and join groups in search of work. Therefore, you will also receive an overwhelming response from the audience. This guide here will teach you how to post a job on Facebook

Go to your business page

The very first step is logging in to your Facebook page. You can post for your own business or on the behalf of some other firm. You need to create a Facebook page if you don’t have one already. When you log in to your page, you have to click on the ‘job’ option. This job option is under the create list, located just above the “write a post” option. 

It may be possible that you may not find this option yet. This reason is that Facebook hasn’t launched it globally, but it will soon be available for everyone.

Post your job details

A box will appear when you click the ‘job’ option. It will be like a form, and you are to fill it. These are just the basic questions like, 

  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Salary 
  • Working hours
  • Job description.

You can add more questions as well. You must write the correct salary and working hours. You can also mention if it is a full-time or part-time job on Facebook. Moreover, do mention any specific requirements or demands. It will spare you from thousands of people flooding your DMs. It becomes hard to sort the right ones from the wrong ones when so many irrelevant people message you.

Post Your Job Details
Post Your Job Details

Review your job post

Rechecking is a must before you post your job. You should reread everything and check for any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. We are humans, and we can make mistakes. Read it 2 or 3 times.

Hit the post option

You can hit the post option once you’re done with the rechecking. Facebook will review your job post application. They will post it live on Facebook within 24 hours. Facebook will present your job to the relevant people just like Facebook ads, and the people can apply with their applications.

You did your job. This is how you advertise a job on Facebook. Now, you only need to wait for the applications and find a suitable person for your job. You will receive a notification for every response. 

How to make your job post more engaging?

There are a few tips that you must know before you post a job on Facebook

Write a moderate job description

Your job description must be precise and to the point. Don’t forget that it must be grammatically correct. Mistakes don’t give out a good impression of you and your business. Therefore, you must be careful. Your description shouldn’t be too long that the readers lose interest or too short that you miss important details. 

Add images

According to statistics, Facebook job posts with images are two times more interactive than job posts without images. You can capture your client’s attention by posting images that attract them. You can post about your office atmosphere, workers working and enjoying themselves, and beautiful offices. These images will captivate your candidates. You can also post videos. They are more realistic and fun to watch. 

Add Images
Add Images

Get the word out

Promote your job post so that it reaches the maximum number of people. Tell your employees or coworkers to like and share the job post so that the candidates will see it. Share the post on the relevant groups. For example, you can find many candidates for software developers in a group about software and program development. 

Get the Word Out
Get the Word Out